Kingmaker Chronicles

Letter to Kyonin

To her Royal Majesty Telandia Edasseril

It is with great joy that I write to you of the rediscovery of ancient Viridion. As I am sure you are aware, Viridion was one of the most beautiful and magical of the old elven Settlements. It was here that your own crown was enchanted (as I have been reminded by a noble friend). I am pleased to report that both the beauty and the magic remain untarnished by time and that the original keep still stands.

I currently find myself in the somewhat difficult position of owing allegiance to two Queens. Your Royal self and Her Royal Majesty Uryllia of Sairathis. I am sure you have heard of the Fey Queen of this land, her beauty, fairness and desire to do well for her people are matched only by your own. Let me assure you that my loyalty to your Royal self is in no conflict with the loyalty I give to her. Queen Uryllia and her kingdom are young but show great promise and I believe the futures of Kyonin and Sairathis may be closely entwined.

With the support of Queen Uryllia I have started a small elven settlement here in this highly defensible and majestic location. I am aware of the nobles who clamor at you to reclaim the lands we have lost and would like to offer Viridion as a small part of the solution. In short, we need elven settlers and lots of them if Viridion is going to reclaim its former glory. We can offer them support and the protection of being part of Sairathis and the joy of exploring the wonders of the Fey populated woods surrounding Viridion.

It is with great hope in your benevolent help for our cause that I make this plea and pray to Calistria that I do not presume too much.

Yours Truly

Prince Lanliss Gyre, Lord of Viridion, Marshall of Sairathis


Prince Lanliss Gyre, Lord of Viridion, Marshall of Sairathis

The Queen is aware of your efforts within the realm now known as Sairathis and heartily supports your efforts there to establish an Elven influence. As you may be aware, the Queen’s policy has been one of encouragement for those more adventurous amongst us to seek out realms in non-elven communities. She sees how important it has become to embrace some of the other races if Elven society intends to thrive. Since the Return, many former settlements still remain abandoned. Even the capital of Iadara has no where near the population it once possessed.

The name Viridion will be whispered through the leaves of Iadara and Greengold – tales will go forth of an ancient homeland found and settled again. One hopes that some will then travel to you. Perhaps many of the Forlorn will find peace in your new settlement.

The Queen has never met with any delegate from the River Kingdoms but news of Sairathis and your daughter interest her. She forsees a time when a visit to Kyonin by Queen Uryllia may be a possibilty.

May the Gods and Goddesses bless your endeavours.

Seneschal Qour Lis’nastel

Letter to Kyonin

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