Kingmaker Chronicles

Queen's Journal

Baron Maegar Vahns disappearance

Sairathis is finally living up to its name with the last few years being quite prosperous. I hope Jhod appreciates his Cathedral and won’t complain too much when we start to allow temples to other gods. I do not pay much attention to any of the gods but I appreciate that they are important to others and while Erastil has played an important part in the establishment of the kingdom she is not the Goddess of my father and do we not all deserve our freedoms? I do not expect a repeat of the cult incident now that we have our laws in place.

To finally bring Tatzlford under our control is a relief as with each passing year there grew the risk they would mistakenly believe they did not need our rule. The Greenbelt, although safer due to the presence of the broken arrow, is still a wild place so it is good that they now have our direct protection. The extra towns also provide Lanliss and Rogar with something to do besides drink and make use of the brothel. Refa’s suggestion to establish towns for each of us to patron is an excellent one. I hope this will prove enough of a distraction to my fellows so that the tedious bickering over the mix of our citizenry and the forests may cease. I would hate for anyone to feel the need to employ Lily in order to ease the headaches.

The years of prosperity are somewhat marred by the recent news that Varnhold has not been in contact. It has been two months since I have corresponded with Maegar and there was nothing to indicate trouble in his letters. Clearly whatever has happened has done so quickly. While I hope to find him alive it seems unlikely father will agree to our marriage and the prospect of joining our kingdoms. I could likely convince mother however she has been a little peevish in her letters since she found out father is in town and his presence as well makes it harder to go against his wishes. It would be easier alas to combine our charters if Maegar has perished but if he is alive we should be able to at least claim the land to the mountains anyway. I doubt he has explored that region and it may be where the trouble has originated from. I do hope he has survived, that a sword lord might perish under these circumstances indicates a powerful enemy. Assuming it is not the same source of our own frustrations, the matter of the owl bear deception is still unresolved. I am not happy that someone seeks to disrupt my kingdom and would have them hung if I could but name them.

I hope that Akiros will be able to prevent any incidents happening in Sairathis while we attend to Varnhold. I would be very peeved to come back and find another fat faced Grigori being paid to spread lies. Maybe Akiros would make a good husband, he doesn’t argue with me as much as the others and he did distinguish himself in his efforts during the owl bear attack as well as saving my life when we faced the Stag Lord. Not that father will agree to him either! At this rate I will never have heirs for the kingdom. Father had best supply some suitors soon or I am liable to marry the first man I do more than kiss. Maegar kisses well; it would be a shame if he has died, not that kisses are the only thing I will miss about him. Perhaps there may be benefit to prayer after all if it can keep him safe until we can rescue him.



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