Kingmaker Chronicles

The Abandoned Fort

To the Revered Lord Mayor Sellemius

It has come to my attention that there is a fort adjacent to our border. Given recent strange occurrences I am seeking leave to guard this area for the protection of both of our regions as I feel it important that this defensive post not be used to our detriment. I seek only permission for the free use of the fort and have no desire to contest ownership of the land. A stable region is to the benefit of both of us and I will continue to engage my resources to this effect.

Duchess Uryllia


Duchess Uryllia of Sairathis

As the requirements of Rostland’s army shift and change, it has indeed become necessary to reallocate troops that were stationed at Fort Serenko to other locations. Thanks to the stabilising influence your properous kingdom has brought to the “Stolen Lands,” frequent patrols of our southern border have become less important.

Whilst I agree that having the fort fully manned makes for a more secure region, I am also weary of allowing foreign troops onto Brevoy lands; despite the fact that we have had such a strong alliance in the past.

Despite this I feel that I must yield to your wise council – with one condition. You may move some of your militia into the fort with a size adequate to maintain the structure. My condition is that the operation is overseen and commanded by an officer from Restov. To that end I will send one of my most capable Captains to the Fort to oversee and command the men you station there. The success of this joint venture will be determined every six months to evaluate whether it is still warranted.

Lord Mayor Sellemius of Restov

The Abandoned Fort

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