Kingmaker Chronicles

Tourney Announcement

Hear Ye Hear Ye

Let it be known far and wide that the inaugural Tourney of the Gilded Peony shall be held at the will of the Ruling Council of Sairathis on the 1st to 3rd Gozran in the city of Hartsfall. Over three glorious days those who would seek to gain the prize will battle, think and charm their way through nine events with one contestant being crowned champion of the Gilded Peony.

Entry to the tourney is limited and any citizen or visitor to Sairathis may petition to enter for a place among the twelve chosen. For further details seek an official in any Sairathis town or city.

For those who seek not fame or fortune the tourney offers three days of entertainment, stuffed tighter than a prized hogs belly, and a year’s worth of memories that may change your mind about fortune and fame.

Regardless which side of the Arena you seek to be, be there you must!



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