Aurin Av Solinni

Wandering Guru


Cleric of Sarenrae


In her 30 years of life Aurin has traveled far from her parents home Qadira. Never one to settle down she has wandered throughout many lands following the Dawnflower and hoping to bring her healing flame to the kingdoms she passes through.
Aurin is in Hartsfall for the tournament having travelled south from her last brief stop in Numeria. She has been guided her by tales of Sairathis and visions from her goddess. She is here to establish a temple to Sarenrae and offer her healing and guidance to the people.
Aurin has entered the tournament to both prove and hone her skills. What she offers the city is more than a light against the dark – a sharpened sword and the knowledge to wield it.

Aurin Av Solinni

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