Ereval Ecthelion

A handsome half-elf with reddish-brown hair, broad shoulders and an easy smile. He is more often found with his head buried in a book than at the athletic pursuits in which he excels.




Ereval has recently arrived for the tourney at Hartsfall. He is a Paladin of Irori, god of history, knowledge and self perfection. He is well known on the tourney circuit as he uses the events to test and improve himself. The travel between also broadens his knowledge and allows him to study the history of many different lands.

It is rumoured that Ereval is the bastard son of Lambreth, one of the lords of the River Kingdoms. When asked he merely replies ‘who would want a father that rides a nightmare’ and smiles disarmingly.

Ereval seems to do well at whatever he turns his hand to and is as yet unbeaten in unarmed combat.

Ereval Ecthelion

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