Helviga Blackflame

Nicknamed 'Old Tallow' Helviga is a dark-skinned, grey haired sorceress and First Flame of the White Candles.


A 1st level Fighter, 5th level Sorceress and 2st level Eldritch Knight,


Originally from the lands south of the Inner Sea, Helviga set out as a young woman to make her fortune. Several decades later, she was widely travelled but her temper and tendency to take mercenary contracts without too much concern for the rights and wrongs of the situation had made many more enemies than friends in such far-flung places as Cheliax, Taldane and the successor realms of the Osiriani.

When a particularly vicious battle took the lives of her latest mercenary band, leaving her without allies, she decided that discretion was the better part of valour and headed northward where the name Helviga Blackflame had no connotations she would wish to avoid. Finding her way to Sairathis, she joined the Academy Arcane and, as a result of her military experience, she was quickly promoted to a full Fellow and included in discussions of defences, culminating in the foundation of the White Candles and the creation of the Walls of Candlemere.

Her strength is in evocation magics and she delights in shows of destructive force. Behind her back, her troops call her Old Tallow – as she smokes and spits (literally and figuratively) – but she commands her troops with a cool head – understanding that their strength comes from coordinated action.

Helviga Blackflame

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