Marcus Caller

A quiet young man in a battered leather jacket, Caller seems to draw the attention of others, good or bad, without meaning to.


Caller is an 8th Level Summoner who rides a large silver-white dragon called Ghost. He carries a heavy repeating crossbow and a Numerian fighting Knife is strapped to his thigh. He has a ready smile and seems able to make friends and enemies with equal ease. Despite his youth and easy manner he moves and speaks as one who has seen too much and knows that more is coming.


Marcus’ mother was a barmaid in Mendev and his father a travelling bard from Cheliax (or so his mother told him). He was raised with stories of noble knights riding fire breathing dragons and battling the forces of darkness. His favourite as a five year old was the story of the Ghost Dragon and the Spectral Knight.

On his sixth birthday a tiny Ghost dragon started visiting him in his room at night, much to his delight. More friends from the stories visited over the next year and his mother began to worry about his over active imagination. Upon hearing strange noises coming from his room one night, the innkeeper went to investigate. He found what he saw as demonic creatures tearing up the room and was both horrified and relieved when young Marcus banished them with a word.

Mendev borders the Worldwound, a demonic portal kingdom only barely held at bay by the Mendevian Crusaders. Marcus was arrested and charged with demon worship and possession. He escaped with the help of his Ghost Dragon and fled into the wilderness. He survived by summoning creatures to help feed and shelter him and always there was the Ghost Dragon, his protector and friend.

At the age of nine he apprenticed himself to a Mage in Brevoy named Valadien. She was astounded by his powers and taught him the theory he needed to master his natural talents. Always she cautioned him that the Path of the Summoner too often led to darkness and that he must take care to remain true and pure. Marcus as a fifteen year old was totally infatuated with his beautiful mistress and took to spying on her using his summoned allies.

One evening the Ghost Dragon reported that she had summoned a creature from the pit. Marcus could not believe this of his beautiful lady, but listened at the door of her summoning chamber to make sure. He heard Valdien offering a demon the soul of her pure young apprentice in return for power and his heart froze. He fled that night, travelling through barbaric Numeria to the mountains of Ustalav.

In Ustalv he joined up with an adventuring party and used his skills to make their fortunes in the ancient and haunted ruins of that land. He was again betrayed by the leader of the party, a Numerian mercenary who hated magic and the boy whose natural charisma was fast usurping his leadership of the group. Caller as he was then named, fled rather than fight his past comrades and traveled to the River Kingdoms to make a fresh start.

Now at the age of 19 Caller is still surprisingly trusting, willing to think the best of people despite his past. The celestials that he summons have curbed the bitterness that could have grown in his soul. Nevertheless he is far from stupid and realizes that evil is out their and probably looking for him. He has but to say the wrong word and he will call it himself.

Marcus Caller

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