A scarred half-elf, with ragged, dirt blond hair and one emerald and one white eye.


5th Level Ranger
1st Level Assassin
From the River Kingdoms via Issia and Brevoy.


Dressed in dark, leather armour, with a longbow slung over one shoulder and leading a pair of heavily laden horses, Phineas recently arrived in Hartsfall from Restov, seeking to enter the Tourney. Despite his common birth, he carries with him glowing recommendations from the heads of six noble houses and his skill with the bow is unquestioned by those who have seen him practising outside the city.
Those with their ear to the ground, however, have heard dark rumours of his recent past. These rumours name him a bounty hunter who only takes commissions that allow the reward to be collected “dead or alive” and note that his marks are always delivered dead.
Rumours abound regarding the reasons for his entry in the tourney but he has, despite amiable conversations with locals in Hartsfall inns, given no answer beyond a crooked smile.


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