Prince Ragnar Sviennsonn

Well over six feet tall this prince from the land of the Linnorn Kings is a looming specimen of barbaric splendour. His long blonde hair and striking looks are complemented by ice blue eyes.




Ragnars father, Svienn Bloodeagle is the oldest and most powerful of the Linnorn Kings. Ragnar is on a quest to improve his fighting skills so that he can slay a Linnorn and claim his fathers kingdom. Unfortunately he is competing with nine siblings and any other Ulfen who can slay a Linnorn.

Ragnar is intelligent but unused to southern diplomacy. He is direct to the point rudeness in noble company and see a well crafted insult as a thing of great beauty. He is young, fearless but under the bravado seems to have a good heart.

Prince Ragnar Sviennsonn

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