Princess Whiterose

A two foot tall stunningly beautiful pixie with translucent wings.


Princess Whiterose always dresses in flowing white and moves with grace and decorum. She is often accompanied by her pet butterfly’s.


Princess Whiterose is pixie royalty, or so she says. She is very calm, polite and quiet for a pixie. She has recently set up her ‘court’ on the battlements of one of the towers of Viridion Keep (now called the Fey Tower).

Unfortunately mortal laughter seems to make her drunk and behave very foolishly. Her court (usually two or three pixies) takes great joy in making mortals laugh around her and then watching their princess sing slurred bawdy songs, snort pixie dust, dance until she falls over or profess her undying love for ‘all youse guys’. Princess Whiterose seems to remember none of this when she sobers up a few hours later and becomes her regal self again.

Princess Whiterose

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