Sir Galadon

A shy boyish smile often accompanied by a blush at some social misstep.


Ranger/Paladin of Erastil


Sir Galadon was born and raised in Sairathis before it bore the name. He is the son of a hunter and one of the only members of the Knights of the Hart not of noble birth. He served with Jhod in the temple of Erastil for a year before first seeing the Queen. He at once stammered out his undying devotion and is eternally grateful that she did not laugh.

Although new to knighthood, Galadon shows great promise and few can match him with a bow or in hunting.

Galadon won the inaugural Tourney of the Gilded Peony. With a newfound confidence he sought the Queen’s approval to lead in the rebuilding of Varnhold. If he is successful in helping the people of Varnhold and maintaining peace with the centaurs then lordship over those lands may be given to him.

Sir Galadon

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