Sir Wilbur the Worried

A handsome knight in green fullplate, his eyes dart back and forth as if expecting to be attacked at any moment.




Sir Wilbur is the fourth son of a Brevoy lord. His entire family fell to assassins after their vocal complaints about the reign of the Surtova family. With his lands confiscated Sir Wilbur fled to Sairathis where he joined the Knights of the Hart.

Sir Wilbur constantly jumps at shadows and bears a permanent expression of worry. One of his greatest fears is that the expected attempts on his life may endanger the Queen. He has been accused of cowardice by some but has always shown his valour by defeating such accusers in single combat.

As one of the defenders of the Queen, Sir Wilbur has shown great skill in detecting threats and spotting anything out of place. His constant vigilance, while often misplaced, may some day save her Majesty’s life.

Sir Wilbur the Worried

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