+4 Aldori Sword

weapon (melee)

Evindra was ordered to watch over the sword Briar long ago—she can’t remember how long ago, but knows it was before humans first came to the Stolen Lands. Nor can she say much about who set her to the task of watching over the sword—she’s certain the shadowy fey worked for those who serve the Eldest of the First World, though, and thus she knew better than to disobey.

Those who ordered her to guard Briar told her the sword was valuable to an “upstart” named Nyrissa—that this Nyrissa desired the blade greatly, and that the Eldest did not want her to have it.

Evindra can confirm to the PCs that Briar is a +4 sword now, but that its powers would likely start to reawaken once it is exposed to the raw energies of the First World or is used to slay denizens of that realm. While Evindra doesn’t know all of Briar’s potential powers, she does know that, fully awakened, the sword is both intelligent and a vorpal sword, among other things.


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