Enemy of all Enemies

weapon (melee)

+3 wounding dwarven axe. Grants the user aid three times a day. Wielder gains benefit of Freedom of Movement and Dispel Magic. Its not cursed in any way at all…


“Enemy of All Enemies” was originally a great sword forged the the barbarian warlord Amrag. When it was recently found by another Barbarian chieften, it altered his appearance and memories so that Amrag could live again. Amrag the Twice born was slain by the Order of the Broken Arrow and the sword was hidden away in their vaults.

A High Cleric of Gorum promised the sword (in a modified condition) to Rogar if he accepted Gorum as his parton god. In a ritual which also consecrated the site of a new temple to Gorum, Ovinrbaane was transformed into a dwarven waraxe.


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