Tag: Dunsward


  • Nomen Centaur Tribe

    The Nomen tribe is an offshott of the mighty Rashalkas ("thundering hooves") that once roamed the northern Casmar Steppes by the tens of thousands. The Nomens are a matriarchal society led by a war-priestess, a centaur dedicated to the worship of [[ …

  • Nomen Burial Grounds

    A number of 8-foot-high mounds of loose stone, arranged in a strange spiraling pattern with each mound connected to the ones to the left and right by a 3-foot high wall of stones, are located here. The strange collection of 29 mounds is a burial site of …

  • Aecora Silverflame

    She is an irritable creature, long embittered by the vilent territorial expansion of humans, but she is possessed of enough wisdom to know that trespassers are not always the enemy.