Tag: Kamelands


  • The Old Sycamore

    Looming over all the hills in the northern [[Kamelands | Kamelands]], a graying hulk of a sycamore tree clings precariosly to it last years of life. The 100-foot-tall tree is a well-known landmark and is visible for miles around.

  • The Mud Bowl

    A strange, 20-foot-wide pool of bubbling mud sits in a narrow defile between several hills here. The mud is heated by geothermal activity, and although it’s not hot enough to cause damage, the foul-smelling vapor it gives off forces anyone within 60 feet …

  • Oaktop Silver Mine

    This abandoned mine served as the lair to a group of kobolds before they were routed by the now rulers of Sairathis. A mining complex has been built over the mine allowing for steady and efficient production of ore.

  • Lonely Barrow

    The isolated mound of a fallen warrior-king has stood in the [[Kamelands | Kamelands]] for untold hundreds of years. Over time, the earth near the mound subsided, opening a crack in the side of the tomb.