Tag: Tatzlford


  • Tatzlford Lodge

    This large wooden temple is devoted to [[Erastil | Erastil]]. Its substantial communal area has seen frequent use for town meetings of late, as the smaller chamber in the town hall can no longer fit enough people. The temple is overseen by [[:latricia- …

  • Tatzlwyrm Tavern

    Primarily serving locally brewed ale and mead, and with a menu that never strays far from venison and fish, the Tatzlwyrm Tavern's claim to fame is a taxidermied tatzlwyrm that coils above the bar.

  • River Run Alehouse

    Owned by Killough Margrom, proprietor of Tatzlford's only tavern, this small brewery has already established a reputation for producing fine huckleberry mead and sweet ale.

  • Ironhand Smithy

    Kole Jhargee, a mountain of a man, provides for all of Tatzlford's smithing needs. He and his family are from [[Brevoy | Brevoy]], but he has little in the way of kindness to say about his previous home.

  • Tatzlford General Store

    Karl Roschinder owns and runs Tatzlford's general store. He keeps several chairs on his front porch for locals to gather at, and he often supplies them with free lunches when the mood strikes him.

  • Thrillseeker's

    This gaudy structure presents a facade of promising games of chance and fun. It also severs as a brothel, and thus is at the heart of many local arguments between town folk and loggers.

  • Mayor Loy "Tanner" Rezbin

    Short and unassuming, he's put on weight since retiring and sometimes seems ill-suited for the stress and rigors of governing a settlement. Despite this, Rezbin comes across as likeable, down-to-earth, and loyal. He has a strong desire to do what's …

  • Corax

    Corax is the leader of a band of loggers that have been working the Nalmarches for a few years as the area became safer, thanks to the presence of the [[Order of the Broken Arrow | Order of the Broken Arrow]]. Corax and his band first met the order when …

  • Latricia Evanore

    Latricia makes many of the decisions regarding the running of Tatzlford. She wears the same outfit everyday: a practical grey tunic over a white blouse and green trousers, and fur-lined cloak with a pair of knee-length boots for tracking about the forest.