Tag: Tourney Applicant 4711


  • Kestren Garess

    Kestren volunteered to lead a small group of soldiers to guard Oleg's Trading Post from bandits. He has since been installed as leader of the palace guard under the command of [[:akiros | Akiros Ismort]], Warden of Hartfall.

  • Sir Grachius Henderthane

    A powerful lord of the Chelaxian house Henderthane, Sir Grachius is rumoured to be a Hell-Knight. He denies this with some force and says he wishes to enter the tourney to prove his honour and to show the superiority of House Henderthanes weaponry. He …

  • Sir Joffy Klindike

    Sir Joffy is a member of Pitax's elite guard, a Warden for King and country. His garb lends an intimidating veneer which is given credence by his whispering tone during discourse. Joffy loves to prove his worth on the battle field and has come to the …

  • Fuair Pavanent

    Fuair always knew he was destined for greater things. A rougish and charismatic halfing, he is as comfortable drinking tea with Orcs as he is dining with family, thanks to his years as ship's captain. However his smiling demeanor soon turns dark when he …