Tag: Viridion


  • Princess Whiterose

    Princess Whiterose is pixie royalty, or so she says. She is very calm, polite and quiet for a pixie. She has recently set up her 'court' on the battlements of one of the towers of Viridion Keep (now called the Fey Tower). Unfortunately mortal laughter …

  • Galindel Gyre

    Lanliss' distant cousin, Galindel commands in Viridion when Lanliss is absent. He is always fair and reasonable, doing good deeds, helping whenever and whoever he can and yet people seem to fear him.

  • Ch'rad

    Ch'rad just turned up one day in Viridion, soon after some beautiful elven women arrived. He is irrepressible when it comes to courting any female with a pulse and the rejection he usually finds he puts down to them not believing they are good enough for …