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  • The Furry Tankard

    The Furry Tankard was once the name of the inn but with the construction of a tavern (a long awaited achievement), everything was moved over including the name. Then the owl bear attacked and the drinking hole was destroyed. What could be salvaged was …

  • Tatzlwyrm Tavern

    Primarily serving locally brewed ale and mead, and with a menu that never strays far from venison and fish, the Tatzlwyrm Tavern's claim to fame is a taxidermied tatzlwyrm that coils above the bar.

  • Gregor's

    [[:svetlana | Svetlana's]] brother Gregor is the owner and manager of this tavern which has gained a reputation as a rough place to drink. More friendly than Oleg but less friendly than Svetlana, Gregor maintains an atmosphere of edgy sulleness in his …