Fort Medvyed

LG Small Town
Corruption +0; Crime +1; Economy +1; Law +0; Lore +0; Society +1
Qualities Notorious, Strategic Location
Danger 10
Government autocracy
Population 1,360 (1,200 humans, 44 half-elves, 59 dwarves, 29 elves, 22 halflings, 20 half-orcs, 5 other)
Kisandra Numesti
Madam Satinder Morne
Base Value 3,700gp; Purchase Limit 7,500gp; Spellcasting 4th level spells
Fort Medvyed Magic Items

Fort Medvyed (formally known as Fort Drelev) is a sizable town situated on the shore of Lake Hooktongue. The town was founded by Baron Hannis Mintariel after given a charter to do so by the country of Brevoy. After capitulating to a combined attack from King Irovetti of Pitax and Amrag the Twice Born, Hannis turned his attention to the kingdom of Sairathis in an attempt to please his new masters. The Order of the Broken Arrow brutally rebuffed is attack and sought out the Baron in his home and killed him. In addition they tracked down the barbarian lord Amrag and defeated him.

Kisandra Numesti has been named ruler of Fort Medvyed after the death of her father in the War of the River Kings.

Sites of Interest

Fort Medvyed

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