Castle city by j jasso

NG Large Town
Corruption +2; Crime -2; Economy +4; Law +2; Lore +1; Society -1
Qualities Properous, Strategic Location, Tourist Attraction
Danger +5
Government Overlord
Population 3877 (2915 humans, 349 dwarves , 273 half-elves, 105 gnomes, 102 elves, 73 haflings, 60 other)
Queen Uryllia
Sir Emardris Locke
Base Value 9,900gp; Purchase Limit 15,000gp; Spellcasting 5th level spells
Hartsfall Magic Items

Built upon the ruins of the Stag Lord’s fort. This settlement has been declared the capital of the newly founded Kingdom of Sairathis. Hartsfall is the cultural centre of Sairathis and home of the Queen.

Districts of Hartsfall
  • Palace District – The oldest part of Hartsfall is built upon the ruins of the Stag Lord’s keep. Parklands run throught the district whilst the waterfront teems with artists, actors and visitors eager to see the famous Nine Hells arena.
  • Temple District – The Cathedral of the Elk overshadows all other buildings in this newly founded district which aims to be the spiritual soul of the city and place for higher learning and culture.


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