CN Small City
Corruption +2; Crime +4; Economy +4; Law -1; Lore +2; Society +6
Qualities Academic, notorious, stategic location, tourist attraction
Danger +15
Government Overlord
Population 5,781 (5,600 humans, 100 half-elves, 40 dwarves, 41 other)
Duke Refa
Marcus Caller
The Bandit Houses
Base Value 16,000gp; Purchase Limit 38,250gp; Spellcasting 7th level spells

For nearly 400 years, Pitax remained a relatively small and unassuming city of the River Kingdoms. Though marred by strife with neighbors such as Mivon and Numeria, and even suffering some scars from a brief but brutal civil war, Pitax always stood as a sanctuary of sorts at the edge of the Stolen Lands. For rogues who needed to disappear or troubled souls who simply wanted to start their lives anew, Pitax was a tarnished symbol of reckless and often dangerous freedom—but of freedom nonetheless. With the arrival of just one man only 6 years ago, however, this legacy changed. As the bandit king Irovetti took control of Pitax, the city mirrored his dark and brutal personality, becoming a force to be reckoned with in the River Kingdoms and drawing the ire and envy of the lands surrounding it.

By far, the most startling change made to Pitax by the decree of Irovetti has been its focus upon the fine arts, or at least its hamfisted attempt to do so. Determined to make Pitax a center of genteel refinement and culture, Irovetti ordered the construction of the Red Crescent Theater, which became the cornerstone of other revitalized parts of Pitax. The city grew, attracting many actors, musicians, and other artists, which undeniably caused the city’s coffers to swell with fresh gold. But by bringing in so many new souls, Pitax suddenly found a sinister, unsavory element becoming a part of its very core. The rugged hopefulness that once flowed through the streets of Pitax disappeared, slowly replaced by fear and dread.

The presence of so many bards and storytellers from so many places has made the city a haven for secrets, rumors, tall tales, and occasionally even the truth. If one seeks information that might be little more than whispers and dust, Pitax might be the place to unearth clues. What sages don’t know, Pitax often does. The only trick to finding rare secrets in Pitax—secrets that could possibly lead to treasures or dooms beyond imagination—is knowing where to look.

That, and perhaps living long enough to escape with such secrets.

Pitax’s City Districts
  • Troutmouth District – encompassing the docks of Pitax, holds most of the merchant houses and is where merchants conduct most of their business.
  • The Shattered Ward – contains the older buildings of Pitax and its longtime citizenry, including manor houses and temples.
  • The New Ruins – long abandoned in the days following the bloody civil war that nearly consumed Pitax, rose from the ashes and became the realization of Irovetti’s dreams of grandeur.

Pitax History

Government and Politics

On the surface, the bandit king Irovetti and the Trade Houses – more commonly known as the Bandit Houses – rule over the people of Pitax in an uneasy partnership. With each passing year, though, Irovetti gains more control over the city and pushes the Bandit Houses ever closer to irrelevance. A simple reason for this shift exists—Irovetti’s close alliance with the Thieves’ Guild of Pitax. Though the Thieves’ Guild has never “officially” been recognized by the government of Pitax, the secretive organization has always held some influence over what happened in the city during the centuries of its existence. With the ascension of Irovetti, however, the Guild’s influence over Pitax grows ever stronger and is becoming overt, rather than subtle.


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