Oconnor md 787247The Kingdom of Sairathis was founded by a group of adventurers under charter from Rostland. After the defeat of a local bandit king known as the Stag Lord, the adventurers founded their capital city Hartsfall upon the ruins of the Stag Lord’s fort.

Whilst Sairathis is still a young kingdom, in only a few short years it has spread out to encompass all of the Stolen Lands. New settlements have been established in all the regions and many towns, including Pitax have been annexed.

The current boundary of Sairathis includes all of the region formerly known as the Stolen Lands and contains the Green Belt, the Nomen Heights, the The Slough and the Glenebon Uplands.

The current ruler of Sairathis is Queen Uryllia. She is married to Sir Emardris Locke who became Prince Consort to the crown.

Delicacies of Sairathis
  • Moon Radish Soup
  • Head Cheese
  • Black Rattlecap Mushroom Tea
  • Feyl Ale
  • Fangberries
  • Shamble Sap
  • Cheerful Delver Stout
  • Roc omelette
  • Silver eels
  • Cloudberries
  • Blue Lilly Pollen
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