Kingmaker Chronicles

Marshal's Report


This month there has been little unusual activity within the boundaries of the Sairathis, except the unfortunate incident with the werewolf. As this happened within Hartsfall it falls under the Jurisdiction of the Warden and I will not go into detail, except to mention that the matter is resolved. Exploration of the forest has continued with the discovery of new Fey allies (Immanuel will be pleased), the relocation of some loggers and the destruction of a scythe tree. No sign yet of the green dragon reported by the sword lords.

An expedition to explore the South was mounted, mainly due to persistant rumours of trolls in the area. No trolls were found but several monsters were slain including a giant turtle that was bothering local fishermen, an owlbear, a tendriculous, a hill giant and a small lizardfolk settlement. As a side note, there is little so amusing as watching a hill giant trying to step on a Dwarf who has just cut the brutes foot off.



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