Fuair Pavanent

Roguish Ship's Captain


Fighter – Rouge


Fuair always knew he was destined for greater things. A rougish and charismatic halfing, he is as comfortable drinking tea with Orcs as he is dining with family, thanks to his years as ship’s captain. However his smiling demeanor soon turns dark when he feels slighted and he is particularly sensitive regarding his height. Fuair is as skilled with his mind as he is with a rapier and he particularly enjoys embarrasing his opponent with wit and word. People only underestimate him once although his skills and temper have bought him as many friends as it has enemies.

Fuair Pavanent is Captain of the Esmerelda which docks in the city Greengold in Kyonin. He is in Hartsfall to make friends and search out business prospects. He seems particularly interested in tales of elven ruins and what people know of the rivers.
He has entered the tournament after a challange was issued from a fellow patron at the furry tankard, “You couldn’t spear an orange with that pointy stick little man!”. He decided killing him on the spot wasn’t worth it while the gold he could win, even if he doesn’t win an event, will wipe the smile off the patrons face.

Fuair Pavanent

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