White Violet Alchemy

White violet alchemy
Run by Tessara and Valandlara this alchemical shop caters to archers and those desiring to purchase magical elven food and drink. It is widely believed that the shop is rigged to blow up any would be thieves.

Alchemical Arrows

The cost listed is for one non masterwork arrow, masterwork arrows cost 6gp more. Upon request these items may be made for crossbow bolts.

Type of Arrow Cost
Bleeding Arrow 360 gp
Durable Arrow 1 gp
Dye Arrow 1 gp
Loadstone Arrow 10 gp
Pheromone Arrow 15 gp
Raining Arrow 30 gp
Slow Burn Arrow 150 gp
Splinter Cloud Arrow 25 gp
Tanglefoot Arrow 25 gp
Trip Arrow 25 gp

Bleeding Arrow: This sharpened hollow tube looks like it was originally the proboscis of some giant insect but actually comes from a strange carnivorous plant. A bleeding arrow causes normal damage when it hits, after that the creature bleeds for one point of damage until the bleeding is stopped by a DC10 heal check or magical healing. Criticals do not multiply the bleed and creatures immune to critical hits are not affected.

Durable Arrow: These arrows are tightly wrapped in some form of alchemical glue. They do not break with normal use, whether they hit or not. If enchanted the magic disappears after it is shot but the arrow remains.

Dye Arrow: These arrows end in a crystalline bubble. Firing them is a ranged touch attack; a creature hit by one is not damaged but is splashed with coloured dye sufficient to coat one square foot.

Loadstone Arrow: The heavy iron arrowhead is sealed with an alchemical resin; pulling a small string (a move action) breaks the seal and activates the reaction in the arrowhead, greatly increasing its magnetic properties. When fired at a target wearing a large amount of metal armour the arrow gains a +4 bonus to hit and does half damage. The magnetic properties last for one round after you fire and it then becomes a normal arrow.

Pheremone Arrow: The arrowhead of this arrow is coated with potent substances that react to blood and sweat, releasing strong aromas that most predators recognize as tasty injured prey. Any creature with the scent ability gains a +2 on attack and damage rolls against a target marked by a pheremone arrow. This affect lasts for one hour or until the subject spends at least one hour washing.

Raining Arrow: This thick-shafted arrow contains a reservoir of holy water and is designed to burst on target and splashing nearby creatures as if you had thrown a vial of holy water. A raining arrow has a -2 on its attack rolls due to its weight.

Slow Burn Arrow: Behind the head of this arrow is a small receptacle of material that heats up when exposed to air and eventually bursts into flame; barbs on the arrowhead pierce the bag when it hits a target. On your turn, one round after impact, the flames inflict 1d6 worth of fire damage. The extra weight gives the arrow a -1 to hit on attack rolls.

Splinter Cloud Arrow: The shaft of this arrow is formed of numerous small bone fragments, painstakingly glued together. When fired they tear themselves apart releasing a 5 foot burst of razor sharp bones that deals 1d3 of damage (a DC18 Reflex save negates).

Tangleshot Arrow: This arrow is topped by a small bottle containing a small quantity of tanglefoot glue. You fire a tangleshot arrow as a ranged touch attack; the arrow deals no damage when it hits but the subject is splashed with the alchemical adhesive. The reduced amount of glue means that this arrow is less effective than a normal tanglefoot bag (DC10 Reflex save, DC12 Strength check to break, 10 points of slashing damage to cut through, DC10 Concentration check). The increased weight reduces the range increment by half. Elves use this arrow to slow fleeing opponents or to trap animals without harming them.

Trip Arrow: This squat arrow has a large, bulbous, tip that expands and flattens in flight. If the arrow hits it initiates a trip attack against the opponent (DC15); the target fall prone if it fails the check, but if it fails it cannot attempt to trip you.

Magic Foods

Magical food never spoils under normal conditions. Unless otherwise stated, consuming any of these meals is a full-round action that provokes an attack of opportunity.

Buttered Sparrowfish Fillet
Aura faint transmutation; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 900 gp; Weight 1 lb.
The sparrowfish is a bland-tasting swimmer native to the rivers and streams of Kyonin and now find in Sairathis, notable mainly for its excellent speed and its ability to leap out of the water and onto low-hanging tree limbs to avoid predators. Its meat is the color of salmon and is reasonably tasty when prepared with butter, herbs, and salt; it is best eaten fresh, but if properly dried after cooking, it retains its flavor whether eaten cold or reheated. Eating the magical fillet gives you a +10 competence bonus on Balance, Climb, and Swim checks for 1 hour.
Requirements Brew Potion, Profession (cook) 5 ranks, creator must have 5 ranks in Balance, Climb, and Swim.
Cost 450 gp

Cheya Dumplings
Aura moderate transmutation; CL 10th
Slot none; Price 300 gp; Weight 1 lb.
Cheya is a smaller, immobile cousin of the assassin vine (some elves believe that the aggressive mobile assassin vine plants are the result of a cheya cultivating program). Generally harmless except to tiny animals, some elves cultivate cheya for its roots, leaves, and berries. The roots are crushed into a paste and mixed with water or milk to make dough, stuffed with diced cheya leaves, then boiled or baked, often topped with sweet jelly made from cheya berries. Hearty, satisfying, and portable, the dumplings are excellent candidates for magical augmentation. A typical cheya dumpling gives you a +2 enhancement bonus to Constitution for 1 hour, though other
varieties may enhance other ability scores.
Requirements Brew Potion, Profession (cook) 5 ranks, bear’s endurance; Cost 150 gp

White Violet Alchemy

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